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Idyllic small town with a great history.
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Special offer image city break 79 €
UNI Youth Hostel

79€ (2 persons / 2 nights)

The best combination of price and quality for accommodation in Maribor for young persons, and young by hearts, who appreciate comfort and want to stay in the center of action.

Special offer image city break 109 €
Hotel Orel
109€ (2 persons / 2 nights)

A comfortable hotel in the heart of the Styrian capital, where you will immediately feel the pulse of the city and the friendliness of the locals.

Special offer image city break 129 €
Hotel Piramida
129€ (2 persons / 2 nights)

The hotel with an exceptional a la carte restaurant is suitable for all who want to have within reach all the privileges of a city with a rich culinary and wine history.